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Online Video Therapy in Vermont and New York State

Daniel Rosen, 

Licensed Clinical Social Worker

Certified Sex Therapist

Online Video Sex Therapy in Vermont and New York State



Explore my expertise. Services available for you as an individual and you as part of romantic relationship.



I am a loving human being who values personal integrity, personal growth, honesty and fairness. I have family and friends who nurture and challenge me. I have peer mentors and a strong support network. And I go to therapy myself.


I feel as good as I ever have. I have trained in a variety of therapeutic methods: group, individual, couples, sex therapy, EMDR, Internal Family Systems, psychodynamic psychotherapy, CBT and Mindfulness. I continue with peer consultation and I pay for ongoing professional consultation. I utilize proven tools to measure how well you are doing in therapy, and to measure myself  on how well am I serving you. When possible, I video record sessions to improve my craft. Periodically I offer trainings to other therapists and provide consultation as well. 

Rochester Center for Sexual Wellness:

I am a partner of Rochester Center for Sexual Wellness which includes a sexual medicine specialist. So, if your sexual concern might be addressed through a medical intervention, we have the tools to help. Learn more at Services rendered through RCSW are not covered by insurance. Fees available upon request.


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